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La historia

Doing audiovisual, investigative stories is expensive, but I’ve been able to do it thanks to the support of people like you. This crowdfunding campaign is especially important so I can support my amazing team that has helped me create high quality journalism and documentary production that centers Puerto Rican voices on the ground.

  • Some topics that we’re covering this year:
    Overdevelopment in Puerto Rico
    Collective Transportation
    Sustainable Agriculture
    Healthcare Access

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Bianca Graulau is a Puerto Rican independent journalist that covers colonialism and its effect on communities and the environment. In 2020, she launched her independent channels where she has amassed almost a million subscribers on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Her work includes the documentary ‘Aquí Vive Gente’ published on Bad Bunny’s Youtube channel that has 12 million views. Before being an independent journalist, Bianca worked for TV affiliate stations such as ABC, CBS, and NBC for eight years.