Displacement in Public Housing

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There is a housing crisis in Puerto Rico, which is driven, in part, by displacement. At 9 Millions, we want to tell these stories and show how they affect us and who they affect the most.

One of the populations we have identified are public housing residents, who survive violations of rights that go unnoticed. Why do we want to investigate displacement in public housing? People residing in public housing projects are systemically vulnerable.  However, we have not heard these voices, even in spite of multiple reports of violence against their communities. Housing displacement does not only occur in the private market, we also see it in the public sector. As journalists, it is up to us to hold governments accountable. At 9 Millones, we will do so from the perspective of social justice and on the side of those who defend their right to stay in Puerto Rico.

What is the right to stay? This is how we describe the right to remain on our land, in our homes and neighborhoods, without being displaced or forced out. It also involves the enjoyment of our natural resources, human rights and quality of life.

Hi! I am Cielo Naara Ríos Camacho: a journalist, a pasta fan, and a bad (but enthusiastic) dancer. Feminist. Inquisitive. Eternal explorer. I love to read and I adore writing. I joined 9 Millones as a journalist, because I believe in a new generation of communicators and creatives that work closer to communities and are more responsive to them. I stand up for sustainable journalism that covers life-changing issues while creating a healthy work environment..