Puerto Rico’s Energy Future

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In September, a category 1 hurricane left all of Puerto Rico in the dark. More than a month later, power was still not fully restored and Puerto Ricans were left struggling without the basic service.The privatization of transmission and distribution of electric energy was supposed to bring reliable service to Puerto Rico. But LUMA Energy, a U.S.-Canadian consortium that took over that responsibility, is facing scrutiny over its performance now that outages last longer than before.

The gov’t of Puerto Rico and the Fiscal Oversight and Management Board have given LUMA access to hundreds of millions of dollars through a contract that disproportionately benefits the company, while alternative proposals to deliver reliable electricity to Puerto Ricans have been ignored.

LUMA’s supplemental agreement expires on November 30, 2022 and, with groups calling for the cancellation of the contract, it will be a key date for the gov’t to decide how it moves forward.

Any funds that are leftovers will go to Bianca’s next videos.

Bianca Graulau is a Puerto Rican independent journalist. Bianca worked for TV affiliate stations such as ABC, CBS, and NBC for eight years. In 2020, she launched her independent channels where she has amassed almost a million subscribers on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Her most recent work includes the documentary ‘Aquí Vive Gente’ published on Bad Bunny’s Youtube channel.


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