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9 Millones is a media platform that connects the nine million Puerto Ricans across the world through data-driven, solutions-based journalism. Our mission is to empower the Puerto Rican community to tell the stories that matter to us.

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Data-driven, solutions-based stories

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    9 Millones produces video, podcasts, and feature articles for our own platform, other media outlets, and organizations. We offer storytellers back-office support from our data, design, and distribution teams.

    La Red 9 Millones is a collective of storytellers, designers, photographers, videographers , journalists and writers that are in our network.

    The benefits of being in our network is that we can get your story funded, offer translation and editorial support, or connect you with brands looking for storytellers

    All stories must be approved before funding. Read our pitching guide and send your proposals to

    We help storytellers figure how much money they need for their stories. So if you don’t like dealing with budgets—we got you.


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