Local & Eco-friendly Holiday Shopping Guide

Local & Eco-friendly Holiday Shopping Guide

Make sure all your gifts have that Boricua touch.

The year 2020 is about to end and it’s time to find holiday gifts. Due to the pandemic, going to stores is not the safest option. However, there are plenty of Puerto Rican stores online to find all sorts of products from candles that smell like Rincón, to notebooks with the taíno coquí, and stickers that support education.

Buying from small businesses strengthens the local economy and reduces our carbon footprint, the gases that get left behind after most of our everyday activities and contaminate the environment.

In April, carbon emissions decreased by approximately 17% around the world, according to the Global Carbon Project due to lockdown. But those numbers are on the rise again because restrictions have been lifted and we’re back to using transportation and worldwide commerce.

Choosing to shop from places that do not require overseas transfers is a small step to take care of our environment.

Even if you shop from your laptop or phone, buying locally brings a personalized experience. In order to promote an ecological economy, all the stores on this list are sustainable. Many of the products are handmade or made with eco-friendly materials.

All in all, these initiatives and creations are treating nature with care and supporting the community — which is what the holidays are all about.

We divided the stores into five categories: self-care, nature, clothes, accessories, and art + stickers.


Botánica Enjabonada: Botánica Enjabonada offers simple and natural hygiene products for personal and environmental well-being.

Everyday Scents: Natural candles made on the island but inspired in places (and smells) all over the world.

La Banasta: Due to recycling problems in Puerto Rico, La Banasta was born and offers essential everyday items with reusable or compostable packaging.

La Tiendita Ecológica: From makeup remover towels to bamboo brushes, La Tiendita Ecológina has the necessary products to start an eco-friendly life.

Granos PR: Sustainable alternatives for basic everyday products: brushes, sponges, soap, and utensils.

Simpla: Shop filled with sustainable and reusable products.

Ecotienda La Chiwinha: With fair trade, La Chiwi has local products for the kitchen, self-care, and holistic practices.


Clorofila: For plant lovers, Clorofila has plants (not flowers) that survive in all spaces whether it is with low light or close to pets.

TERRA Industries: For those who want to be plant lovers and don’t know how to start, TERRA Industries offers a box with everything you need to start your garden.

French Tulip: Floral arrangements that are truly unforgettable and extremely creative.

Pampas: Small flowers to decorate your home.

Love Pots and More: Painted pots made out of clay for your plants of all sizes.


Dale Percha: Pieces with Puerto Rican designs that can be customized too.

Sencilla Clothing: Pants, dresses, bags, and even vintage garments with abstract and single-line drawings.

Jees Clothing: Pieces with unique embroidery.

Tropithrift: Second-hand plus-sized clothes.

Bodega Vintage by Tery D’Ciano: Handmade clothes for people with a boho style.

BOSQUE: Clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories all made by hand.

Genzier: A platform filled with various vintage stores with one of a kind pieces.

Esther: Kids clothing line made with natural materials.

Isleñas: Ethically made shoes in Puerto Rico.


Columpio Studio: Slow fashion items made ethically.

re- : Handmade notebooks and agendas with designs from Julia de Burgos to Eugenio Maria de Hostos.

Intellectual Senorita: You can never miss a tote bag and this shop has various styles with abstract drawings.


Liberarte: Earth-inspired and handmade jewelry.

Taller Amatista: Goldsmith craft with a variety of simple accessories.

De aquí al sol: Handmade earrings made with polymer clay.

Cruz Sisters: Scrunchies, bandanas, and other hair accessories.

KikiLili: Mugs and jewelry made out of ceramics with intimate designs.

Alterfolio: For writers and artists, they have all sorts of handmade notebooks.

MOTA: Bags of all sizes made with different fabrics and materials.

D’Arte y Madera: Wearable art for everyone’s interests.

La Bomba Estudio: Ceramic decorations with bright, fun designs drawn by hand.

Art + stickers

Flor.A: Creations inspired by Puerto Rico’s flora.

Borikiki Store: Art designed and made in Puerto Rico.

Las Malcriás: Decorations done in ceramics.

Sin Límites: This non-profit offers stickers to support education in Puerto Rico and at the same time give someone a special gift.

Como el Oro: Illustrator with shirts, stickers, and prints.

Fernando Norat: Known on Instagram as @tropiwhat because of his nostalgic illustrations of Puerto Rico, Fernando has prints that spark social conscience.

Chroma local: Digital space with various creations by Puerto Rican designers.

Paula Nuñez: Illustrator accepting commissions.

This story was written by Nicole Collazo Santana and edited by Camille Padilla Dalmau.

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